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Dave Aronson 
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The Codosaurus
(by Fanie GrĂ©goire)

Codosaurus, LLC

Software Development Consulting

What can I help you evolve today?

Services: Roadmaps

I will help you figure out how to get where you want to go.  That includes figuring out where you are now, if you're not sure!  You wind up with a much clearer understanding of the above, a document you can use to "shop around" for someone to do the implementation work, and some guidance to help them do it.  (I may bid on that myself, or I may decline, for various reasons.)

How Does It Work?

First, you send me some generic information.  I email you back, asking some more questions.  Some of these are generic, and some are follow-ups to what you said.  There may be some more back-and-forth.  This is all to make sure that we make best use of our limited time together.

If we determine that my roadmapping services are a good fit for you, we determine what "size" of roadmap you need (Small aka "Pterodactyl's Eye View", Medium aka "T. Rex Tour", Large aka "Dunkleosteus Deep Dive", or something customized), you send in payment, and we set a date, time, and place (which may be virtual).

When that time comes, you and I, and maybe some additional people, talk for some length of time (see the table below).  During this time, we discuss your situation, wants, needs, capabilities, plans, concerns, etc. in further depth.

About halfway through, we'll check our progress, to see if you feel that we are on track to cover everything you need.  If not, we'll discuss options such as covering a broader area but in less depth, staying more focused, changing direction, taking more time now (if I'm available), scheduling an additional session for later, and so on.

At the end, we'll check coverage again, to see if we're really done discussing, or if we need to take more time now or schedule additional sessions.  We may need that to go into more depth, examine new ideas, discuss something we skipped, or other reasons.

After our discussion, I do some more research to close up any gaps, maybe ask you some more questions by phone or email, and finally send you a report.  Most likely this will include a text document with general information and a spreadsheet with the steps, so you can do further calculations and sort them in various ways.

What's With the Sizes?

Some people can get going with less detail.  Some need more.  By way of analogy, suppose your project is to drive from LA to NY.

The main quantifiable differences are shown in the comparison table below.  I also spend more or less time on the initial email exchange, research, and asking you any further questions after we talk, roughly in proportion to the talking time.

Pterodactyl tiny 0faba0b53823b0af1ae47afb5783154c7af3775d76279e1c8e6ef04b91caf5a5 Tyrannosaurus rex by durbed tiny a76a6665590e837ed57e3674c7d554cb285d3fe18d72f0d39df33a3ab61b7611 Dunkleosteus tiny 120e0d59850f589418c2063153235a88bcde6b3f8c34f60d91cd588f98ab04dd
Eye View
T. Rex
Deep Dive
(Small) (Medium) (Large)
You and I and up to this many additional people talk: 0 1 2
  • remotely (by phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, or whatever)
  • or in person (at your office or wherever else we agree on)
for one span of up to this many hours: 1 4 8 per day
and you get your features triaged into MVP, future, and wish-list, plus:
  • triage by size and business value, so you can identify the best bang for the buck
  • likely challenges and potential solutions, so you can be prepared for the future
  • issue-tracker* ready story and test outlines, so you can track your work, do it efficiently, and be sure it's right
  • MVP features
  • Future features
  • Wish-list features
all for NORMALLY a total of: $998 $2,998 $4,998
per day

but now at INTRODUCTORY SALE (see the Services page) prices of:

per day

* If you're not already using an issue tracker, you probably need my Advising Development Leadership services first!

If there's anything else you need, just ask.  Otherwise, you can go ahead and submit your inquiry.