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Long story short, the ACRUMEN Software Quality Framework is a simple list of briefly-named and easily-understood aspects that I believe completely cover the subject of software quality.  Put briefly, they are that software should be:

Appropriate:  doing the right job (what the stakeholders need)
Correct:  doing the job right (i.e., correctly)
Robust:  hard to make it "misbehave"
Usable:  easy for users to use
Maintainable:  easy for developers to change
Efficient:  using resources efficiently

So what does the N stand for?  Nothing, I just tacked it on to make a real word!  ;-)

And why all this yellow?!  I said acrumen was a real word, but I didn't say it was English!  It's a Latin word, meaning sour fruit, such as grapefruit, limes, and of course especially lemons.  So, lemon yellow is the official color of the ACRUMEN Software Quality Framework.

More explanation will be coming here eventually.  For now, see these videos: