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Who are they?

Halfaker & Associates, based in Arlington, Virginia, USA, is a service-disabled veteran-owned, woman-owned, 8(a), small federal government contractor, serving the military, Homeland Defense, Veteran Affairs, and Health & Human Services.

What did I do, when, where?

I worked them from April to July 2012, about 99% remotely, as a temporary employee, on a project for the Department of Veteran Affairs, to maintain the VetGovPartner web site (no longer active).  (I was originally supposed to be a subcontractor, but at the last minute it was revealed that the terms of their contract from VA, dictated that all subcontracting companies had to be veteran-owned.)  The site is defunct as of now, but was for business networking and session scheduling, before and at the VA's annual National Veteran Small Business Conference.  (It was very well received there.)  I added assorted features, such as:

I also added occasional bits of UI polish, but that's not my forte.

What did they say?

I’m blown away by what each of you did to make this happen.
-Michael King, CTO (technically he meant nearly twenty people, but still....)

What did I use?

Technologies, techniques, tools, etc. I used there included: