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Retrieval Systems

Who are they?

Retrieval Systems, based in Vienna, Virginia, USA, provides software engineering services to the publishing, document management, and other information-based industries.

What did I do, when, where?

I have done work for Retrieval Systems on and off from 2012 to 2014, starting onsite and then being allowed to work remotely via their VPN.  One of the things they usually provide for their clients, is a separate application for administrative maintenance of the database tables.  Mostly I fixed minor bugs and added features (such as new columns, and drawing the choices for a column from some other table) to a few of their table maintenance apps.  Also I advised the company's President / General Counsel, and assorted software development staff, on techniques such as pair programming, test-driven development, and Agile project management.

What did they say?

He came, he saw, he conquered.  Wouldn't hesitate to engage him again.
-Page Basheer, President and General Counsel, Retrieval Systems (Vienna, Virginia, USA)

What did I use?

Technologies, techniques, tools, etc. I used there: