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Shaun Parkin

Who is he?

Shaun Parkin is a financial professional in Randwick, NSW, Australia.  He hired me as just himself, not on behalf of a company.

What did I do, when, where?

First I answered a simple question in a forum, something like whether he needed an algorithm in order to rebalance stock portfolios.  I knew a little bit about rebalancing, having worked for a financial information company in the past.  So, I asked what he meant and dove in, in early 2012.

This led to arranging to do a little project for him.  As he wanted a quote for the whole thing, rather than proceeding on an hourly basis, I wrote a detailed Statement of Work (SOW), specifying that I would start and finish in March 2012.

The project was essentially the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a site, with the following features that we agreed on:

This is an example of what the financial world calls "rebalancing".  To accomplish this, I wrote a simple Ruby on Rails application, with an administrative account and some admin-only functions.

We had discussed additional features, such as automagically retrieving the latest prices from a data feed, emailing users when their portfolios were out of balance by more than a certain percentage, letting the users specify that percentage, etc., but decided to put those off until later, if the MVP ever took off.  Unfortunately, it has not, showing the wisdom of not arranging for the extra features.

What did he say?

I'd just like to say that you've done a great job and been very flexible with my requests.

What did I use?

Technologies, techniques, tools, etc. I used there: