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Code Review

What Is It?

This means that I look at the code that your team (whether in-house, outsourced, or whatever) has written or changed, and comment on it, as if I were assigned to review it as a Pull Request and being very picky.  I will point out ways in which it is very good, and where it could be made more understandable, maintainable, efficient, Ruby-idiomatic, etc.  (I offer this only in Ruby so far, including Rails, Sinatra, non-web, and tests in RSpec, MiniTest, and Cucumber.)

Why Do It?

It's a quick, easy, cheap way to tell whether your team is producing good code.  If they are, great, carry on!  If not, you might want to use some of my other services.

How Does It Work?

How Much Does It Cost?

Frankly I'm not sure yet.  So far I'm thinking something around ten cents a byte.  (That's for what I have to actually look at, whether to review or for context.)  Contact me and we'll discuss your situation -- but be aware there will be a minimum charge of $1,000. 

What Else Can I Get?

After you've had a chance to review the report, we can discuss whether you want some additional services, for additional prices we will discuss.  Mainly, I can:

If there are other add-on services you would like, we can discuss them then.

If there's anything else you need, or you're ready to submit your inquiry, go ahead and contact me.