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The Basics

I mostly write "back-end" software, command-line programs, and other such things, where the emphasis is on correctness, robustness, efficiency, maintainability, etc. rather than user interface/experience and visual design.  I can do basic front-end work, but it is not at all my forte; in particular, do not expect it to look pretty.  So, if your project is "front-end", I'm out; if it's "full-stack", I might not be the best choice (unless it's rather back-end heavy); but if it's "back-end", I'm your dinosaur man!

As for specific technologies, most of my work over the past decade-plus has been in Ruby, including on Rails, in Sinatra, and non-web.  Lately I've been learning Elixir (including Phoenix, OTP, etc.) and would like to get some experience in those.  In the past I've done tons of C and SQL, some Python, and many other languages.  (Many of them I don't want to work in again, so I won't mention them here, lest they attract the wrong attention!)  For the right opportunity, I'll learn almost anything.  But I don't do Windows.  See the Skills page for more details.

Fixed Price Projects

I may make a fixed-price bid on your project, but only if you have used my roadmapping services for it first.  Project-based work is done remotely (barring any meetings we agree on before starting), on the schedule we agree on for completion and any other milestones.

I generally require a 50% deposit up front, and the rest net-20 after delivery.  For long projects, we may negotiate other milestone payments.  In both cases, there are discounts for early payment.

Buying My Time

If you just want me to join your team and program, okay.  However, since I am now semi-retired, I feel entitled to be very picky.  ;-)  So, the project must either use Elixir or otherwise really "tickle my fancy", and you must already have good software engineering processes and tooling set up.  (If you don't, perhaps you need my advice service first, and time to act on it!)  Also, I won't be doing any of my other services for you on a time basis, and any effort I put into leveling-up the rest of your team will be minimal and mainly ad-hoc.

I generally don't do hours, let alone partial ones, strongly preferring days or weeks.  This saves both of us overhead and conflict.  You should not have to worry about how many hours something takes me, so long as I deliver on schedule and budget.  As Jonathan Stark says, Hourly Billing Is Nuts!

My rate for remote work, for approximately the Level of Effort (LoE) of one Full Time Employee/Equivalent (FTE), is $1,099 (yes I chose that number deliberately) per day or $4,999 per week.  I am also open to a partial-FTE LoE, larger time units, etc.  If you insist on counting hours, it's $190 per hour or part thereof, for up to 20 hours per week, and more if you want me to exceed that or track time more tightly than that.  On the other claw, there are discounts for early payment, including advance retainers.

Onsite work costs much more.  Ongoing onsite work will only be done within about 15 miles of Fairfax, Virginia, and only after the COVID pandemic is fully over.

All travel and related time counts, including to and from ongoing onsite work.

Other Notes

If there's anything else you need, or you're ready to submit your inquiry, go ahead and contact me.