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What Is It?

I will help you figure out how to get where you want to go, and how to get there.  That includes figuring out where you want to go, if you’re not sure!  Even if you outsource the implementation, you get documents you can use to “shop around” for a vendor, and some guidance to help them do it.

Why Do It?

Roadmapping reduces the risk of your project, in several ways:

How Does It Work?

Part 1: Arranging

First, you send me some generic information.  I email you back, with any follow-up questions.  There may be some more back-and-forth, by email or phone.  This is to make sure that we make best use of our limited time together.

If we determine that my roadmapping services are a good fit for you, then we determine what size of roadmap you need.  This and the expenses determine the total price.  Roadmaps come in Small and Large, and cost $998, $2,998, and $4,998 respectively.  After you send in a 50% deposit, we set a date and time.

Part 2: Discussions

When that date comes, you and I, and maybe some more people, talk for a while to discuss your situation, wants, needs, capabilities, plans, concerns, etc. in further depth.

How long, where, and how many people, depends on the roadmap size:

We cover what it is you’re trying to do, breaking it down into manageable chunks, and identify what is more or less urgent, difficult, etc.

About halfway through, we’ll check our progress, to see if you feel that we are on track to cover everything you need.  If not, we’ll discuss options such as covering a broader area but in less depth, staying more focused, changing direction, taking more time now (if I’m available), scheduling an additional session for later, and so on.

At the end, we’ll check coverage again, to see if we’re really done discussing, or if we need to take more time now or schedule additional sessions.  We may need that to go into more depth, examine new ideas, discuss something we skipped, or other reasons.

Part 3: Delivering

After our discussion, I might do some more research to close up any gaps, maybe ask you some more questions by phone or email, and finally send you a report.  (See below for what’s in it.)  After I send the report, you then have one week to request any corrections if I got anything wrong.  In that case, I’ll try to fix it within a reasonable amount of time, but what exactly that is may vary with how busy I am.  After all that, you have 20 days to send me the other half of the payment.

Meanwhile, we can discuss any additional services you would like.  These will be invoiced separately, not delaying the invoice for the roadmap.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in the report?

That depends on the size of the roadmap.  The short story is that:

The gory details are here.

These names, narratives, and so on, will let you stick them right into your issue-tracker, so your team can get right to work on breaking them down further and implementing them.

How should I decide what size I want?

Mainly, ask yourself how much time it would take you, and how many other people, to explain it to me, at the level of detail that you want the roadmap to reflect.  If it’s a fairly small and simple project, one hour with just us may do.  But if it’s big and complex, and you want it broken down in detail, you may need the help of some other people, for a few days or more.

A few days? But you only offer up to six hours!

Statement, one point for me.

Didn’t you used to offer longer sessions?

Yes, I used to offer eight-hour full-day sessions, and full-week sessions too.  But now I’m semi-retired, and taking life semi-easy.  If you feel you need multiple days, we can still do that, but they’ll be only six hours of talking, each.

What if I want some other combination?

Tell me what you want, what you really really want, and I’ll work up a quote.  You can get some ideas from the “What else can I get?” section below.

What if I’m just not sure?

All righty then, start with Size Small, and see how [do] you like it.  If you want more, more, more, we can arrange that.  You can buy more Smalls, or a larger size, or make a custom combo by tacking on some things from the “What else can I get?” section below, or whatever other ideas you may have.

What else can I get?

After you’ve had a chance to review the report, or if you just want to really customize it, we can discuss whether you want some additional services, for additional prices we will discuss.  For some ideas:

If there’s anything else you need, or you’re ready to submit your inquiry, go ahead and contact me.