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This page is in the process of being updated due to the COVID pandemic and my semi-retirement.

I offer training classes, that I can come to your location to teach, or do remotely via the Web.  Rather than languages, frameworks, and other common things, I mainly teach how to produce high-quality software, using the ACRUMEN Software Quality Definition.  I can also teach on "modern" software engineering techniques conducive to quality, such as TDD / BDD and Pair Programming.

These are currently available only in half-day length, and at premises you arrange, which must have proper presentation facilities.  Later I may expand these into full-day or multi-day, or make them available via webinar, if there is demand.

Pricing, without customization, is $198 per seat or a flate rate of $3,398, plus travel expenses.  There is a minimum of ten and a maximum of twenty students at this rate.  I'm willing to negotiate about larger classes, but they will be either much more expensive, or done much less interactively.  You can have fewer students, but you'll pay for the extra seats, and there are no refunds for no-shows (regardless of reserved size).

If you want me to customize a course to address your specific needs, such as having examples in your chosen language, working up a training class in something else, or expanding a class into a full day or more, I can do that... for a price.  Discounts are also available if you want multiple classes on the same day, or multiple consecutive full days.

Note that just as with all my other on-site services, classes must be booked for at least as long as the required travel (round-trip, door to door).  At least in this case, you have many options how to put that together.  ;-)

I am also in the process of putting together downloadable videos, e-books, and other training material that can be used at your own leisure.  Some will even be free!

If there's anything else you need, or you're ready to submit your inquiry, go ahead and contact me.