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The Codosaurus
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Codosaurus, LLC

Custom Software Development and More

What can I evolve for you today?


Welcome to Codosaur.us, home of Codosaurus, LLC!  You've probably got a lot of questions, so let's dive right in.  Here are the most common FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What services do you offer?

Mainly I do custom software development, and occasionally some training.  I'll also help out fellow geeks as a subcontractor, programming pair, etc.  If there's anything else likely you want, just ask me.

What kind of software?

Mainly web applications, especially the back end, but I can do other things too.  I've done lots of other server and command-line apps, some front-end web work, a bit of desktop GUI work, and have started dabbling in mobile.

What technologies do you do?

I was trying to avoid making the non-geeks' eyes glaze over, but if you really want the mind-numbing details, see the Technologies section.

What do you train people on?

Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TDD/BDD, pair programming, Agile, information security (infosec), pretty much anything.  If it's a subject I don't already know, but I'm interested in it, I'll learn it.

Are you available now?

Not at the moment, at least not for significant hours per week.  I estimate I will be available again around September (2014).  If you'd like to hire me for a few hours per week, or get on my list to be contacted when I'm available full-time again, contact me.

What are you looking for?

Mainly, Ruby on Rails contracts I can do from home.  However, I'll also consider other technologies, temporary employment, a reasonable commute (from Fairfax City), or even a short gig (up to about a month) away from home on per-diem.  I am not open to longer contracts on the road, "permanent" employment, or relocation.

What do you charge?

Since I'm booked solid right now, my current asking rate is rather high, at $105 per hour on W2 or $125/hr on 1099.  When I'm available full-time, those will come down a little.  (I say "asking" because there's some wiggle room... but it's in both directions.)  I'm also willing to work for a daily or weekly rate.  I'll even work on a fixed-price project basis, if the work is very well understood, but it generally means a much higher estimated net rate, and far less flexibility for both of us.

Is there anything else I should know?

Of course, you probably have a lot more questions!  Just ask!