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Dave Aronson
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The Codosaurus
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Codosaurus, LLC

Custom Software Development and More

What can I evolve for you today?


Welcome to Codosaur.us, home of Codosaurus, LLC!  You've probably got a lot of questions, so let's dive right in.  Here are the most common FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What services do you offer?

Mainly I do custom software development.  I'll also help out fellow geeks as a subcontractor, programming pair, etc.  If there's anything else likely you want, just ask me.

What kind of software do you write?

Mainly web applications, particularly the back end, especially in Ruby on Rails, but I can do many other things too.  I've done lots of other server and command-line apps, some front-end web work, a bit of desktop GUI work, and have started dabbling in mobile.

How's your availability?

None, sorry!  I am booked full-time until about sometime from May to August 2015.  After that, I'll be available full-time, though I would prefer to work part-time (30 hours a week or less), for multiple clients.  Watch this space -- or sign up on the "Email List Signup" page to be notified.

What do you charge?

My rate depends on many factors.  My standard rate is $125/hour, for a direct client.  I'll lower it for staffing agencies (more so if they bring me the project), W2 status, and other good factors.  On top of all that, there's usually some wiggle room.  (On the other claw, anything that will make the project less fun will raise the rate.)

What are you looking for?

Mainly, part-time Ruby on Rails contracts I can do from home.  I'll also consider other technologies and various other things, but I am not open to longer contracts on the road, "permanent" employment, or relocation.

What kinds of clients do you serve?

Companies of any size, mainly ones that either use software in the delivery of their products or services.   You can find some examples, and further explanation, on the clients page.

How about working for equity?


Is there anything else I should know?

Of course, you probably have a lot more questions!  Just ask!