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The Codosaurus
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Codosaurus, LLC

Custom Software Development and More

What can I evolve for you today?


Welcome to Codosaur.us, home of Codosaurus, LLC!  You've probably got a lot of questions, so let's dive right in.  Here are the most common FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What services do you offer?

Mainly I do custom software development, and occasionally some training.  I'll also help out fellow geeks as a subcontractor, programming pair, etc.  If there's anything else likely you want, just ask me.

What kind of software?

Mainly web applications, especially the back end, but I can do other things too.  I've done lots of other server and command-line apps, some front-end web work, a bit of desktop GUI work, and have started dabbling in mobile.

For what kinds of clients?

Companies of any size, mainly ones that either use software in the delivery of their products or services, or provide software development services themselves (use me as a subcontractor).   You can find some examples, and further explanation, on the clients page.

What technologies do you work with?

I was trying to avoid making the non-geeks' eyes glaze over, but if you really want the mind-numbing details, see the Technologies page.

What do you train people on?

Mostly Ruby, Rails, and software development techniques like TDD (Test Driven Development), BDD (Behavior Driven Development), pair programming, and Agile principles.  I've also trained people on information security principles (such as CISSP prep classes), assorted specific products, public speaking, and many other things.  If needed, I'll teach pretty much anything.  If it's a subject I don't already know, but I'm interested in it, I'll learn it.

Are you available now?

Yes; I am current available for about 40 hours per week.  I can do that all for one client, or break it up among multiple part-time clients.

What are you looking for?

Mainly, Ruby on Rails contracts I can do from home.  However, I'll also consider other technologies, temporary employment, a reasonable commute (Northern Virginia, within about fifteen miles from Fairfax City), or even a short gig (up to about a month) away from home on per-diem.  I am not open to longer contracts on the road, "permanent" employment, or relocation.

What do you charge?

My rate depends on many factors.  The main easily applied one is the commute.  Long story short, as mentioned on my Contract Terms page, travel time counts, but most clients want the commuting time charges rolled into the rate rather than billed explicitly.

So, if you want me onsite every weekday, half an hour away, that puts it at $135 per hour on 1099, or $113 per hour on W2.  By contrast, if you'll let me work remotely, that's only $120/hr on 1099 or $100/hr on W2.

There is some wiggle room, but it's in both directions!  So, while you might be able to talk me into a lower rate, the other (generally more subjective) factors might in fact result in a higher rate.

I'm also willing to work for a daily or weekly rate.  I'll even work on a fixed-price project basis, if the work is very well understood, but it generally means a much higher estimated net rate, and far less flexibility for both of us.

Is there anything else I should know?

  • Don't bother contacting me about Verisign (unless you're with Celerity or the work doesn't start until March 2015), Gannett, Bloomberg, Comcast, or OnLife Health.  It's not necessarily anything against them, but there are contractual obligations, prior submissions, etc.
  • To see what sort of terms I prefer to work on, see my Contract Terms page.
  • If you want the gory details of languages, frameworks, systems, etc., see the Technologies page.

Of course, you probably have a lot more questions!  Just ask!