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Services: Advice

I will discuss with you, and maybe discuss with your team and observe your meetings, to determine the current and desired situations, and what tools, techniques, processes, etc. would be most effective to bridge that gap within a reasonable budget.  This will help your team work efficiently, rather than being hobbled by an inefficient process, bad tools, etc.  Yes, it’s a bad craftsman who blames his tools… but a good craftsman will still do better with good tools (and techniques and processes).

It comes in three basic sizes, as follows:

Each of these can be had in multiples, with a discount if arranged in advance.

You may also have me actually join your team as a software developer for some number of weeks, so as to “lead by example” and/or see your situation from the inside.  This costs the same as the above, except that it may be done on a part-time basis.  Doing this on a full-time or on-site basis is limited to two weeks.

Afterward, if you like, we can also arrange recurring “checkups”, or training for your developers, or discuss other ideas for further services.

If there’s anything else you need, or you’re ready to submit your inquiry, go ahead and contact me.