Dave Aronson

The Codosaurus,
by Fanie Grégoire

Codosaurus, LLC

Software Development Consulting
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How can we evolve you today?


I help companies write better software faster.

(Mainly established American SaaS companies, but also occasional others.  See the Clients page for details.)


For the duration of the pandemic, I am only offering remote services.


As of early November 2020, I am "semi-retired".  So, for the foreseeable future, I am no longer offering staff-augmentation software development services, nor full-week advice sessions.  Instead, you can have multiple all-day sessions -- and those are now shorter.

Also, once the COVID pandemic is over, it is unlikely that I will return to offering on-site services -- unless I really want to visit your location!  ;-)

Do you have:

If so, then let The Codosaurus help!  I provide the following services: