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Services: Development

I mostly write back-end software, command-line programs, and other such things.  I can do basic front-end work, but it is not my forte; in particular, do not expect it to look pretty.  So, if your project is front-end, I’m out; if it’s full-stack, I might not be the best choice (unless it’s rather back-end heavy); but if it’s “back-end-ish”, I’m your dinosaur man!

As for specific technologies, most of my work since 2011 has been in Ruby, including on Rails and off, under macOS and Linux.  Lately I’ve been learning Elixir, and would like to get some experience in that.  Before 2011, I did tons of C and SQL, some Python, and the nearly-inescapable JavaScript, sometimes under Stratus VOS, or Linux, macOS, STOP, or other Unix-workalikes, plus many languages and OSes I don’t want to work in again (so I won’t mention them here lest they attract recruiters).

There are three general ways I’ll write software for you:

1: Fixed Price Projects

I may make a fixed-price bid on your project, if you’ve had it thoroughly roadmapped.  (Ideally by me; I’m open to going by other people’s roadmaps, but will need to read the roadmap before I bid.)  Project-based work is done remotely (barring any meetings we agree on before starting), on the schedule we agree on for completion and any other milestones.

2: Buying My Time

Since I’m semi-retired, I feel entitled to be a bit picky, in the following ways:

If you insist on counting hours, it’s $199 per hour or part thereof, and more if you want me to exceed that time or track time more tightly than that.  However, there are discounts for larger units, after we agree on a rough average level of effort.  You should not have to worry about how many hours something takes me, so long as I deliver on schedule and budget.  As Jonathan Stark says, Hourly Billing Is Nuts!

For the duration of the COVID pandemic, this is remote-only, though occasional travel of up to a week is OK.

3: As Part of my Advice Service

This would be done as part of my “advising your team” service offering, so go see that page.  It’s much more expensive, and the goal is not so much to contribute towards the software being finished, but rather to observe the problems your team is having, “lead by example”, and make recommendations about processes, tools, techniques, etc.  So, if you just want me to write software for you, I wouldn’t advise this way… but it’s here for completeness.

Other Notes

If there’s anything else you need, or you’re ready to submit your inquiry, go ahead and contact me.