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Services: Training

I offer training classes, but rather than languages, frameworks, and other common things, I mainly teach technology-agnostic ways to produce high-quality software, using the ACRUMEN Software Quality Definition.  I can also teach on “modern” technology-agnostic software engineering techniques conducive to quality, such as TDD/BDD, Pair Programming, Mob/Ensemble Programming, Mutation Testing, and Property Based Testing.

These are each available in half-day length, either via the Web or at premises you arrange (which must have proper presentation facilities).  Pricing is $199 per seat, or a flate rate of $3,499 for ten to twenty students in-person, or a flate rate of $1,499 for five to ten students remotely. 

If there’s anything else you need, or you’re ready to submit your inquiry, go ahead and contact me.