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Services: Training

I offer training classes, but rather than languages, frameworks, and other such common things, I mainly teach technology-agnostic ways to produce high-quality software, using the ACRUMEN Software Quality Definition.  I can also teach on “modern” technology-agnostic software engineering techniques conducive to quality, such as:

and also Genetic Algorithms.

These are each available in Ruby, Elixir, Python, JavaScript, and C, except that the Doctests class is only in Elixir and Python (since the other languages don’t have such a thing).  For an extra fee, paid in advance, I am willing to work up these classes in other programming languages.

Pricing is $98 per seat remotely, for five to ten students, or $198 per seat in person, for ten to twenty students, plus travel expenses.  (More students may be added, but the price goes up for each one.  Smaller classes may be held, but they will be priced at the minimum.  There are no refunds for no-shows.)

Classes are half a day long, and conducted in English, either via the Web or at premises you arrange (which must have proper presentation facilities).  For an extra fee, paid in advance, I am willing to attempt conducting classes in French or Portuguese, at half the usual minimum and maximum.

Once Exercism relaunches their Teams version, I may have a training offering whereby I will lead your junior developers through the Exercism track of any language I know.  Inquire for terms and pricing, after the relaunch.

If there’s anything else you need, or you’re ready to submit your inquiry, go ahead and contact me.