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Inappropriate Jobs

I am absolutely not open to:

(My actual limits on most of these are even stricter, to the point where the limits shown above are so outside the pale as to constitute unquestionable spam.  For the ones phrased as “mainly”, I will tolerate some of each aspect, such as 10% front-end work — but approach 50% at your own peril.)

Sending me ads for any of these kinds of work, or for any products or services, without my prior written approval, constitutes engaging my services for evaluation of your advertisement.  The fee is a base of US$100, plus $1 per word, plus $100 per link I must follow for sufficient information, all times however many of the above factors apply!

For example, a “permanent”, 40-hr/wk, junior-level, network admin job, on-site, in Kansas, using Windows, for a “total compensation package” worth around $150,000 (which means about $75 an hour), would mean that the fee is multiplied by eight.  So if it’s 500 words, and I’d have to follow two links to find out full details, that’s 8 * ($100 base + $500 for words + $200 for links) = $6400.

Payment is due one calendar month after my reply, with a late-fee of 1.5% per calendar month, non-compounded.