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Speaking: CfPs Closing Soon

LAST UPDATED: 2024-06-18

This is a list of CfPs (Calls for Papers/Presentations/Participation/etc.) that I know of, closing within the next two weeks.  It is updated approximately every week (usually on Tuesday afternoon), so nothing should fall through the cracks.  It is an extract of a much larger list that I maintain on behalf of Toptal’s Speakers Network.  That one contains past CfPs, CfPs closing much farther in the future, and estimates when past ones should reopen.  (If you want access to that, use my referral link, click on the “Apply as a Freelancer” button, pass the screening, then apply to join the Speakers Network, which may require going through their Speakers Academy first.)

This list contains only the CfPs of conferences I am personally interested in, ones that other Speakers Network members inform me of, and a few others I happen to stumble across.  So, that’s mainly software development conferences, focused on Elixir (or Phoenix), Ruby (or Rails), Python, JavaScript, C, or sometimes closely related things (like the BEAM or C++), or not tightly focused on any particular tech stack (though it may lean heavily towards one or two), or occasionally testing (of the kind devs should do to their own code, not the kind a QA tester does).  It usually omits CfPs from conferences held in places I won’t go, lasting less than a full work-day, or about any other tech stack or topic, or tightly focused on Agile, Open Source, security, AI, data science, or various other topics, or that doesn’t have a website of its own (at least about the series).

If you know of something missing, feel free to contact me.  Just please make sure that the CfP is indeed closing within the next two weeks from the latest update, else I might already have it in the big list, just not this extract.

Event NameEvent
LocationCFP Close
CFP Close
Event DateCFP Link
UXCon ViennalinkVienna, Austria06-1909-19link
Build StufflinkVilnius, Lithuania and online06-2011-13link
GOTO ChicagolinkChicago, Illinois, United States of America06-2110-21link
PyCon LatamlinkMazatlán, Mexico06-2409-20link
Heartland Developers ConferencelinkOmaha, Nebraska, United States of America and online06-3008-20link
Infobip SHIFTlinkZadar, Croatia and online06-3009-16link
Porto Tech HublinkPorto, Portugal06-3011-26link
PyCon MalaysialinkSubang Jaya, Malaysia06-3008-24link
Rocky Mountain RubylinkBoulder, Colorado, United States of America06-3010-03link
The Geek GatheringlinkOsijek, Croatia06-3010-03link
CityJSConf MEDELLINlinkMedellín, Colombia and online07-0110-25link
CodeTalks (aka code.talks)linkHamburg, Germany07-0109-19link
JSNation USlinkNew York, New York, United States of America and online07-0111-19link
KulenDayzlinkOsijek, Croatia07-0108-31link
Moldova DevConlinkChisinau, Moldova07-0111-01link
Lambda WorldlinkCádiz, Spain07-0210-02link