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Speaking: Past

Year Conference Where Topic(s) Link(s) Mins
2024 JNation Coimbra, Portugal Genetic Algos slides+ 40
2024 Toptal Talent Conference Online ACRUMEN slides+ 40
2024 Software Quality Days Vienna, Austria Mutants slides* 21
2024 XtremePython Online Mutants slides, video 50
2024 PyCon Lithuania Vilnius, Lithuania Mutants slides, video 23
2023 GambiConf São Paulo, Brazil Genaver slides, video 25
In Portuguese!
2023 Build Stuff Vilnius, Lithuania Mutants slides (video coming) 35
2023 Build Stuff "Appetizer" Vilnius, Lithuania ACRUMEN slides* 20
Last talk, so sort of "Closing Keynote" ;-)
2023 Oπe\n (Open) Conf Athens, Greece Genetic Algos slides, video 35
2023 Blipz on the Radar Utrecht, Netherlands Mutants slides* 45
2023 NDC Oslo Oslo, Norway Genetic Algos slides, video 45
2023 TEQnation Utrecht, Netherlands Genetic Algos slides, video 45
2023 J on the Beach Málaga, Spain Genetic Algos slides, video 30
2023 PyCon US Salt Lake City, UT, USA Mutants slides, video 30
2023 Frontrunners DC Arlington, VA, USA ACRUMEN slides, video 23
2023 THAT Conference Austin, TX, USA Genetic Algos slides* 60
2022 Central Texas Mensa
Monthly Speaker Meeting
Online (to Austin, TX, USA) Mead none ~50
2022 TechBash Pocono Manor, PA, USA Mutants slides* ~50
2022 Nerdear.LA Online (to Buenos Aires, Argentina) Genetic Algos repo, video 30
2022 Voxxed Days Athens Athens, Greece Mutants slides, video 41
2022 GambiConf EU Lisbon, Portugal Mutants slides, video 29
2022 MWM RG 2022
(Metropolitan Washington Mensa
Regional Gathering)
Reston, VA, USA Mead video 62
2022 THAT Conference Wisconsin Dells, WI, USA Mutants slides*
2022 NDC Melbourne Melbourne, Australia Mutants slides, video 50
2022 Code BEAM Europe Stockholm, Sweden Mutants slides, video 41
2022 ACCU
(Ass'n of C/C++ Users)
Bristol, UK Mutants slides, video 70
2021 Polyglot Podcast,
released 2021-12-01
and other
software quality
audio, transcript 44
2021 Scenic City Summit Online (to Chattanooga, TN, USA) Mutants slides+ ~40?
2021 Scenic City Summit Online (to Chattanooga, TN, USA) ACRUMEN slides+ ~40?
2021 Code Europe Warsaw Warsaw, Poland Mutants slides+ ~55?
2021 Code Europe Gdansk Gdansk, Poland Mutants slides+ ~55?
2021 Kansas City Developer
Conference (KCDC)
Kansas City, MO, USA Mutants slides*
2020 NDC Sydney Online, darnit! (to Sydney, Australia) Mutants slides, video 52
2020 DevTalks Bucharest /
Online, dagnabit! (to Bucharest, Romania) Mutants video 31
2020 Ruby Rogues Podcast Online Mutants audio 68
2020 JSConf Hawai'i Waikiki, HI, USA Mutants slides, video 22
2019 RubyConf Nashville, TN, USA Mutants video 39
2019 Little Rock Tech Fest Little Rock, AR, USA ACRUMEN video 45
(Sorry for the bad audio, they don't record, so it's from my phone on a tripod, and slightly cleaned up)
2019 Heartland Devconf Omaha, NE, USA Mutants video 44
(recorded on my phone, since they don't record sessions)
2019 Maintainable Software
Online ACRUMEN audio 44
2019 Elixir Remote Meetup
Online Mutants and
video 45
2019 Ruby on Rails Podcast Pittsburgh, PA, USA Mutants audio 24
(My first podcast!)
2019 Abstractions II Pittsburgh, PA, USA Mutants (none)
(They recorded it but messed it up)
2019 American Mensa's
Annual Gathering
Phoenix, AZ, USA ACRUMEN (none*) 75!
(Again, more aimed at feedback than teaching, taking advantage of their long timeslots (and big brains))
2019 Software Process
London, UK ACRUMEN (none*) 150!
(Aimed mainly at discussing and perfecting it, not so much teaching it)
2019 NDC Oslo Oslo, Norway Mutants video 60
(My first delivery of this talk, not very good)
2019 Nova Codecamp Reston, VA, USA ACRUMEN video 60
(Another one where they don't record so it was just my phone on a tripod)
2019 Codecamp Chișinău, by
Codecamp Romania
Chișinău, Moldova ACRUMEN (none*)
2018 Devconf Poland Krakow, Poland ACRUMEN slides, video 37
(My very first conference talk, so not very well done, sorry!)
2018 assorted DC-area Meetups Washington, DC, USA area ACRUMEN (none)
2018 ElixirConf Bellevue, WA, USA ACRUMEN video 5
2018 RubyNation Arlington, VA, USA ACRUMEN slides
(as BACKUP speaker; didn't actually get to speak)
2017 RubyConf New Orleans, LA, USA ACRUMEN video 5
2014 assorted DC-area Meetups Washington, DC, USA area Ruby Gotchas slides ~45
to Now
Metro Washington Mensa's
Regional Gathering
Washington, DC, USA area spam-protection,
and non-tech topics
(none) 30-45

*These conferences don’t record sessions, and I didn’t either.
+These conferences recorded, but haven’t yet released it.

Also, I was one of the co-organizers of TDDConf 2021, the very first international test-driven development conference, and appeared briefly on-screen to introduce speakers and fill time.  I was also the sole organizer of Ruby DAYCamp (no website) 2013, a semi-impromptu “overflow” event for those who applied too late for Ruby DCamp (defunct, site gone).