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I’ve always prided myself on the quality of my software.  So have a lot of other people and companies.  But . . . what does that even mean

We toss the word “quality” around very loosely, not only in the software development field but most others too.  Ask two developers, get three opinions.  There seems to be no commonly accepted definition of software quality, let alone one I agree with.  ;-)  We seem to operate more on a basis of “I’ll know it when I see it”, though more like “when I don’t see it”.

So I set about coming up with one.  I wanted somthing easily to remember (so as to spread it), technology-agnostic, yet pretty much comprehensive.

What I’ve come up with is something I call ACRUMEN.  This is of course an acronym, standing for the ideas that software should be:

So what’s the N stand for?  Nothing, I just tacked that on to make a real word.  ;-) But you probably haven’t seen this word before, mainly because it’s not English.  It’s Latin for “sour fruit”, such as citrus fruits.  That’s why lemon yellow is the “official color” of ACRUMEN.

More info coming in later posts, and on my ACRUMEN page.  Meanwhile, see my ACRUMEN YouTube playlist.