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Blog: Is Cracked Software Safe for a While?

Another one from a Quora question:

IMAC users, I want to install cracked software for designing, is it safe for a while before I buy the original software on the official website?

NO!  Cracked software, or things pretending to be that, is one of the biggest malware vectors, especially on Macs.  This isn’t something that’s more of a risk the longer you run it; when you install what you downloaded off some sketchy site, you have installed malware right then and there.  Most of these will do their dirty work immediately, since they don’t want to risk that you won’t use it again.  (Against, partly because often it isn’t at all what it says on the tin.)

Buck up and pay for the commercial package, find a free alternative, write your own, do without, or have someone else do the work for you (again probably for pay).