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Sorry, most of the old blog posts have not yet been moved from https://blog.codosaur.us.  Stay tuned for them to move here; you can get notified through the RSS link at the bottom.  Meanwhile, below are the ones that have been moved, plus some newer ones.

Title Updated Tags
Why Not Automatically Translate 2023-04-24 dev-life
How can we build the right software faster? 2023-04-16 appropriateness maintainability productivity software-quality tests tools
ACRUMEN video from Frontrunners DC released 2023-04-08 ACRUMEN speaking
Is development a good career for people with no experience? 2023-03-31 career-advice
Mutation Test to Find Untested Code 2023-03-30 coding mutation-testing software-quality tests tools
Is Cracked Software Safe for a While? 2023-03-29 ethics security
Who Writes the Unit Tests to Ensure the Health of Application Architecture? 2023-03-28 appropriateness correctness tests
How to Get Experience Without Employment 2023-03-21 career-advice dev-life getting-started
Will ChatGPT Replace Developers? 2023-03-16 career-advice dev-life predictions productivity tools
Clean or Fast? 2023-03-14 software-quality
Upcoming Speaking Engagements 2023-03-07 speaking
How to Become a Software Engineer 2023-03-05 career-advice
How to Learn Something 2022-04-19 career-advice dev-life getting-started katas
What do software developers value most about their positions? 2022-03-19 dev-life
Tools for Quality and Productivity Metrics? 2022-03-18 productivity software-quality tools
How to Become a Conference Speaker 2022-03-15 speaking
Developing on an iPad? 2022-03-08 tools predictions
Can you be sued for providing the same functionality? 2022-03-08 law
Testing Strategy for Software Quality 2022-03-07 software-quality tests
What To Learn Next? 2022-01-19 career-advice
Mutation Testing 2022-01-18 mutation-testing software-quality tests
ACRUMEN Efficiency 2022-01-17 ACRUMEN software-quality efficiency
ACRUMEN Maintainability 2022-01-16 ACRUMEN software-quality maintainability
ACRUMEN Usability 2022-01-15 ACRUMEN software-quality usability
ACRUMEN Robustness 2022-01-14 ACRUMEN software-quality robustness
ACRUMEN Correctness 2022-01-13 ACRUMEN software-quality correctness
ACRUMEN Appropriateness 2022-01-12 ACRUMEN software-quality appropriateness
ACRUMEN 2022-01-11 ACRUMEN software-quality
Happy Gnu Year! 2022-01-01 silliness
Anna Graham? No, ANAGRAM Kata! 2019-02-18 coding functional-programming has-code katas ruby tests
Bloom Filter Kata 2019-02-08 coding has-code iteration katas ruby tests NEEDS-UPDATE
Data Munging Kata 2019-02-05 coding dry has-code iteration katas ruby tests NEEDS-UPDATE
Code Katas 2018-12-26 coding functional-programming has-code iteration katas recursion ruby tests
Welcome Back to Codosaurus! 2018-01-01 meta

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